“This constitution does not have a single properly “constitutional” article. Articles contradict with and cancel one another,” said Dr. Darwish. “The articles on freedoms collide with each other to undermine the content. They do not establish equality. 150 of the articles belong under ordinary laws and not in the constitution. The legislative power has been transferred to the Shura Council to mislead and deceive the Egyptian people.”

Darwish told MCN that the new Constitutional Declaration issued by President Mohamed Morsi is worse than the previous declaration and did not break new ground. He said the President does not have the right to issue any constitutional declarations. “Morsi knows that, but the [Muslim] Brotherhood wants to dominate the power and grab legitimacy,” said Darwish.

He also said Morsi won his post through rigged elections and lost real legitimacy when he issued invalid decisions, including attempting to reinstate the People’s Assembly despite the Constitutional Court’s ruling of invalidity, issuing “void” constitutional declarations and passing an “invalid” constitution.

When he talked about the president’s decision to dismiss Attorney General Abdel Meguid Mahmoud and appoint Counselor Mahmoud Talaat instead, Darwish describes the move as “the most hideous massacre in the history of the Egyptian judiciary,” explaining that the president does not have the power to dismiss the Attorney General.

Darwish expressed strong condemnation for Islamists’ besieging of the Supreme Constitutional Court since December 2, preventing judges from doing their job and even threatening that supporters of President Morsi would kill them. Darwish said the new constitution threatens the judiciary and the judges.

“This would not have happenned in the history of any nation,” he said.

“Morsi is fit to be a preacher in Friday sermons and not a president of a republic because he did not respect the Constitutional Declaration issued of 30 March 2011, on which he swore, and because all his promises are false, such as his statement that he had $2 billion aid for Egypt, ready to come” Darwish said.

Darwish also said that the Muslim Brotherhood is likely to resort to liquidation and assassination of many public figures. He said the group has already begun this process by filing police reports with accusations of treason, and said it could develop into bloodshed, which he said would be “shameful.”