The videos reveal that there were armed men carrying white weapons in the side streets leading to the headquarters of the cathedral near Ramses Street, in Cairo.

The video also documented birdshots being fired at the cathedral courtyard from the street opposite to the main gate of the cathedral.

The video highlights a perpetrator in a green T-shirt attacking the cathedral with a firearm and then rushing back to take refuge with the security forces, which fired bullets and tear gas canisters heavily.

The video clearly shows the repeated appearance of one of the attackers in a yellow T-shirt while he is shooting with a birdshot pistol in the presence of the security forces. The security forces did not move a finger when one of the aggressors smashed a surveillance camera installed on the top of the cathedral building.

In the video, other gunmen climb the building of the cathedral and fire live bullets and birdshot at Copts hiding inside the cathedral. Another attacker is videoed while firing from the balcony of a house adjacent to the cathedral.

A video broadcast by ONTV channel revealed an obvious cooperation between the security forces and the attackers of the cathedral. The security troops fired bullets and tear gas according to the instructions of one of the assailants.

In the same scene, some attackers are shown trying to break up sidewalks into small stones to throw at Copts gathered inside the courtyard amid heavy firing of tear gas grenades.